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Discus fish shipping preparation begins the moment you order discus from Waialeale Discus Hatchery. When the order and payment arrangements are finalized, I then consider myself to be caring for your discus fish. The discus fish you select for purchase are hand picked and placed into a discus shipping preparation tank. It is marked so visitors will know that this particular group of discus fish are sold. The discus fish in the shipping prep tanks are fed frozen blood worms. Water is changed daily to facilitate bowel movement. On the day prior to shipping the discus fish they are fasted and receive two water changes to clean them out and prevent feces from creating ammonia in the bags during shipping. I do not sedate or tranquilize discus fish for shipping. Healthy well adjusted discus do not need this and this practice can create problems and issues with the fish later on.

Discus dealers who place dirty tank water into the shipping bag with a squirt of Amquel or Ammo Lock for good measure, before dipping a net into a tank in dire need of a water change to catch the fish that were recently fed, are not properly treating the discus fish or the buyer fairly. I see bait shops selling minnows with more care and expertise than some discus shippers out there. Discus shipped in this manner suffer from ammonia burns and are subject to undue stress. When the shipping bag is opened with discus shipped in this manner, the unpleasant odor (stink) of ammonia is immediately obvious. Both the customer and the discus fish deserve better. To me, shipping discus is one of the more important aspects of my discus fish operation. I owe it to you and the discus fish to deliver them to their destination in as fine of condition as possible. I should not expect you to work for 2 or 3 weeks to clear up problems created from shipping neglect, laziness or ineptitude. So, I don't go there with my discus shipping, preferring to leave that practice to those discus shippers who either don't know any better, or worse, don't care. Small wonder some of them have doa on a simple shipment. I am extremely particular when it comes to shipping my discus fish.

Because water parameters vary so much from one area of the United States to another, when you order discus from me I will inquire as to the water conditions of your aquarium. At this point, if special water parameters are desired, I begin adjusting the ph and hardness to meet your requirements. If special water conditions are not needed the discus fish will be shipped in slightly acidic water with a ph around 6.8.

Waialeale Discus Hatchery - The Shipping Office

The shipping office for Waialeale Discus Hatchery is the nerve center where all discus fish orders are received and shipping arrangements are made. Because of the equipment used, this office is in an area with less humidity than the sales office area. When you order discus fish from Waialeale Discus Hatchery we do not just throw the fish on the next flight out and cross our fingers and hope for the best. (some shippers do) In addition to preparing the discus fish for their journey I also take great pains to check out the various possible destination routes. I look into weather conditions and any recent delays that may affect current schedules. I have close contacts high in the food chain in Delta Air Cargo and I use those contacts to get the skinny on what is really happening. I understand the complexities of properly booking a shipment for the fastest delivery. Many countries require authorized Freight Agents from Freight Booking Companies to handle this as it can be a complex operation. In the US, as a convenience, Delta Air Cargo offers "Delta Dash" shipping which allows one to drop off a box at the ticket counter. The consignee and destination info is given to the ticket agent, who handles the routing and fills in the air waybill information. The shipper then returns from the airport and gives the flight numbers and tracking number to the customer. This accounts for many of the nightmare stories you hear with airline shipping. The rest is usually from improper packing and preparing the discus fish for travel. Amateur shippers just drop off a box, letting the ticket counter agent route the shipment. After extensively checking flight routes I personally book the flights, including those going by Delta Dash. I usually ship your discus fish within a week of receiving the order.

I ship discus fish to all parts of the US. If you live in New York or New Jersey shipping Hawaii discus fish to you is no problem. I ship my discus fish all over the Midwest also. I have many customers on the West Coast in California. Of course Oregon and Washington state are a piece of cake for me to send my discus fish to. Even though there may be a discus fish dealer in your state, the quality and health of my discus fish will far exceed the others. The actual transit time for my discus shipments are about the same as anywhere else in the US. I pay attention to the weather and pack accordingly, using heat packs in the winter. I usually use Delta Dash when shipping my discus fish. Delta Air goes to most airports and has an extensive network of smaller airlines to serve small airports.

Shipping Cost To Any Area of the US IS $85.

I take pride in providing healthy world class discus fish to my customers. You can contact me by email (click here) or give me a telephone call to discuss current availability and the prices of my discus fish. Hawaii time is five hours earlier than the central time zone in the US. I welcome visitors.
Mahalo, Rod

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