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Red Ruby Snakeskin Discus Fish Picture

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Red Ruby Leopard Snakeskin Discus Image.

Super Red Ruby Snakeskin Discus Fish Image                                                                                      Photo Image of Super Red Ruby Snake Skin Discus Fish.
 Super Red Ruby Snakeskin Discus Fish Picture

Designer Red Spotted Discus Fish From Hawaii

Waialeale Discus Hatchery, the premiere Hawaii discus fish breeder and importer, offers grade A and higher top quality new designer strains of discus fish for sale directly to hobbyists. I do not sell discus fish wholesale so there is no middle man. I deal directly with discus fish hobbyists. The red spotted red ruby snakeskin discus fish is a red spotted leopard type snakeskin strain that is totally covered with many fine red spots. Our discus fish hatchery specializes in the new discus strains recently created by the world's best discus fish breeders. I personally prefer red spotted discus fish strains and unique patterns such as the marbled and scribbled discus strains. Feel free to email or call me for more detailed information on our red ruby snakeskin discus fish. I will personally assist you in your discus fish selection. If you are ever out this way you have my personal invitation to visit my hatchery and tour the discus fish facilities.

The red ruby snakeskin discus fish features a red spotted pattern. The super red ruby snakeskin discus fish features a distinct web leopard pattern found in the higher grades of leopard snakeskin discus fish.

Waialeale Discus Hatchery sells designer discus fish strains directly to discus hobbyists. Waialeale Discus does not stock or sell wholesale discus. We only sell A grade and higher discus fish of the latest new strains and colors. We do not stock the common discus color forms such as the red turquoise discus or pigeon blood discus, as the market is flooded with these type discus. As a discus fish importer I am dedicated to staying on top of the cutting edge of new discus fish strain development. Waialeale Discus only sells top grade discus fish with lots of color. When most people think of Hawaii they think of vivid colors. Growing up in Hawaii means developing an appreciation for the intense, extreme coloration nature provides. That appreciation shows in our gardens, lush tropical plants, our clothing, and our tropical fish. The coloration and form is why we call our fish designer discus. Designer discus fish feature high fins and a slightly high body form, giving them a very nice round shape that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Waialeale Discus Hatchery specializes in new, rare and unusual discus fish strains. The "designer" discus fish strains we carry are not available in pet shops or fish stores. Other dealers may copy the names but they cannot imitate or duplicate the quality or pattern of these designer discus fish.

You can contact me by email (click here) or give me a telephone call to discuss current availability and the prices of my discus fish. Hawaii time is five hours earlier than the central time zone in the US. I welcome visitors.
Mahalo, Rod

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