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As a discus fish breeder and importer of the finest quality discus fish world wide, I have developed an appreciation for new, unique discus color forms and strains. Waialeale Discus Hatchery is the premier Hawaii Discus fish supplier. I am always on the lookout for new and unusual discus color forms. Usually new discus fish strains are spotted types. That is not the case in the red marble discus fish. The red marble discus fish has a unique look not found in other discus fish strains. This one of a kind discus fish would be an excellent addition to the discus aquarium of any discus hobbyist or discus fish collector desiring something new and unique. The red marble discus fish certainly has nice red spots, however, it also has vertical lines formed from spots that make a wavy pattern. Visitors to my discus fish hatchery are always blown away by the red marble discus fish. My red marble discus fish stands out and gets noticed immediately. Breeding the red marble discus fish is tricky. If you are a discus fish breeder desiring to acquire this strain for breeding purposes, I recommend breeding it for a couple of generations before attempting an outcross. The outcross breeding is where it gets tricky. Out cross breeding this particular discus fish strain should be done with the realization that it is a two step two generation procedure when done properly. Out cross breeding discus fish strains such as the red marble discus fish must be done with the correct color type in order to maintain the strain characteristics.

This photo of the red marble discus fish was taken in my Waialeale discus fish hatchery. It is one of the actual red marble discus fish for sale. I do not sell the common discus fish color forms such as the red turquoise discus fish or pigeon blood discus fish. I am a discus fish importer and discus fish breeder dedicated to staying on top of the latest new discus strains. I am extremely particular regarding the quality of my discus fish. Discus fish hobbyists have plenty of choices when it comes to cheap discus. We cater to the diskus fish hobbyists who have been around the block and appreciate the finer things in life, discus fisch included. Our discus customers are discus fish hobbyists who are very particular about quality and want the newest latest discus fish strains being produced by world class leading discus breeders. And they want their discus fish to be healthy and vigorous. If you fit into this category of discus aficionado, feel free to contact me. These type discus fish are not common and are considered designer discus strains. In order to maintain high standards of quality, the smallest size discus fish we sell is three inches. At this size the discus fish show nice color development,  grade and the quality is easily determined. At this size and larger, the discus fish also ship really well. Most of my discus fish for sale are young 3" and 4" size. However, we also offer a nice selection of large mature adult discus fish for sale. I am a full time discus fish importer and have several years experience as a discus fish breeder. I feed the discus fish in my hatchery several times a day. My discus fish aquariums get large water changes very frequently. I am extremely particular about my discus fish and those who have visited our discus hatchery will tell you the discus aquariums are neat, very clean and the discus fish are very colorful, healthy and active. Waialeale Discus Hatchery extends a warm welcome to visitors. Please contact me in advance to arrange a visit and tour the discus facilities.
To inquire on the sizes, prices and availability of my discus fish for sale, you can contact me by email (click here) or by phone. You will find my discus fish prices very reasonable.

Hawaii time is five hours earlier than the central time zone in the US.

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