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How To Link Your Web Site to Hawaii Discus

We certainly do appreciate it when fans of the Hawaii Discus Web Site want to link to us. We've provided the html code below to insert into your web site to link to Hawaii Discus. We are aware that many web masters turn to our Hawaii discus web site when needing discus fish pictures of the latest strains. While most web sites ask and are granted permission to use our copyrighted discus pictures and give credit to us, some do not. If you see some of our discus pictures on another web site and they do not acknowledge credit to us for the picture, it means that their stock does not look as nice as ours or measure up to the caliber of our discus strains. It does not mean they carry our stock and the discus they actually have for sale will not look like ours. If it did, they would use their own pictures. An example of a few of our designer discus fish pictures used on other's web sites to show what the standard is for top grade specimens can be found at:

Red Spotted Ruby Discus Fish
Red Marble Discus Fish

Super Red Ruby Snake Skin

We realize from the many emails we receive that discus hobbyists like to see photos of what is happening in the latest discus strain creations. We appreciate that and invite you to link your site to us.

*To Add the Hawaii Discus Banner Link To Your Site

Hawaii Discus Image

Copy and Paste:

<p align="center">
<A href=""><font color="#000000">
<img border="2" src=""
width="468" alt="Image Link To Hawaii Designer Discus Fish For Sale: Waialeale Discus Hatchery." height="60" style="border: 3px solid #000000"></p></a>


*To Add The Text Link To Hawaii Discus Shown Below:

Designer Strains of Hawaiian Discus Fish: Waialeale Discus Hatchery

Copy the Following Code and Paste Into Your Links Page:

<p align="center"><font color="#000000" face="Arial" size="3">
<BR>Designer Strains of Hawaiian Discus Fish:<A href=""><font color="blue">Waialeale Discus Hatchery</A></font></font></center></P>


*To Add The Text Link To Hawaii Discus Shown Below:

Waialeale Discus Fish Hatchery

Copy the Following Code and Paste Into Your Links Page:

<p align="center">
<A href=""><font color="blue" face="Arial" size="3">Waialeale Discus Fish Hatchery</A></font></center></P>

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