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Red Dragon Discus Fish Photo.   Yellow White Discus Fish Photo.   White Calico  Discus Fish Photo.   Golden Spotted Ruby Discus Fish Photo.   Golden Emperor Discus Fish Photo.   Zebra Red Dragon Discus Fish Photo.   Super white Leopard Discus Fish Photo.   Red Ruby High Body Red Spotted Discus Fish Photo.     Red Dragon             Yellow White           White Calico       Gold Spotted Ruby      Golden Emperor    Zebra Red Dragon   White Leopard    Red Ruby High Body

Red Phoenix Discus Fish Photo.   Red Pearl Maze Discus Fish Photo.   Super Eruption Snakeskin Discus Fish Photo.   Peach Leopard Discus Fish Photo.   Red Spotted Green Discus Fish Photo.   Red Marble Discus Fish Photo.   White Butterfly Lined Discus Fish Photo.   Blue Tiger Discus Fish Photo.  Red Phoenix           Red Pearl Maze  Super Eruption Snake Peach Leopard   Red Spotted Green      Red Marble      White Butterfly Lined      Blue Tiger

Red Diamond Discus Fish Photo.   Golden Sunrise Discus Fish Photo.   Blue Snakeskin Discus Fish Photo.   Red Spotted Fireball Discus Fish Photo.   Green Diamond Discus Fish Photo.   Nebula Discus Fish Photo.   White Peacock Discus Fish For Sale Photo.   Blue Diamond Discus Fish Photo.  Red Diamond          Orange Snakeskin   Blue Snakeskin        Red Fireball         Green Diamond            Nebula               White Peacock      Blue Diamond Hi   

Blue Marble Discus Fish Photo.   Ring Leopard Discus Fish Photo.   Red Ruby Snakeskin Discus Fish Photo Link.   Red Ruby Spotted Discus Fish Photo.   Yellow Discus Fish Photo Image.   Red San Merah Discus Fish Photo.   Gold Eruption Discus Fish For Sale Photo.   Red Spotted Fireball Diamond Discus Fish Photo.         Blue Marble      Ring Leopard        Red Ruby Snakeskin      Red Ruby                   Yellow              San Merah              Gold Eruption      Fireball Diamond

Welcome to the Hawaii Discus Fish Web Site of Waialeale Discus Fish Hatchery. My name is Rodney and I am a full time discus fish breeder with a discus fish importer operation. Waialeale Discus Hatchery offers exotic strains of discus fish for sale at good prices. Waialeale Discus Fish Hatchery sets the standard for excellence in offering high quality discus fish for sale from Hawaii. I offer these discus fish for sale by either mail order or by a visit to my discus farm. My mail order discus fish are shipped to your local airport. Visitors can select their purchases and either take them with them or have them set aside for convenient shipping when they return home.

Aloha From Rod at Waialeale Discus Farm

Photo Image of Rod, Waialeale Discus Farm Manager.

The discus hobbyist or discus fish breeder who purchase my fish are very selective in terms of quality. If you are a serious discus fish collector who carefully chooses each addition to your collection, I have exactly what you desire. If you are a discus fish hobbyist who is ready to step up to breeding discus and want the best discus breeding stock available, I will provide that. If you are just starting out with discus and want nice discus that are easy to keep and maintain I can supply you. Whatever your discus experience level is I will exceed your expectations.

Hawaiian Discus Fish Breeder and Discus Fish Importer

As an experienced discus fish breeder with many years of experience, I have developed a keen appreciation for recognizing the best discus strains. I do not import, breed or sell wholesale discus fish as my focus is on the new designer discus strains developed by the world's leading top discus fish breeders. I do not shop around from various discus fish exporters as most do who are focused on getting cheap fish. As a discus fish importer I have an associate discus fish breeder who supplies me. My associate discus breeder is extremely particular regarding quality and health and stays on top of the latest strains, often traveling a great distance at great expense to obtain them. My imported discus fish are healthy, strong and extremely colorful, as discus should be. My Hawaii discus fish are not delicate and they do not require special care. I do not hormone or artificially induce coloration in these discus. My discus fish are bred to display very bright colors. I am extremely particular regarding all aspects of quality and I only import the finest, best discus fish in the world. I give my discus fish optimum care and a well balanced diet. Feel free to contact me regarding the strains currently offered including prices.

To visit the testimonial page of the Hawaii Discus Website, read feedback from previous customers regarding the quality of my discus fish for sale, shipping and customer service, please click on the following: Hawaii Discus Feedback and Testimonials.

To tour Waialeale Discus Hatchery online and view the various stages the imported discus fish go through please click: Discus Fish Importer Information.

For complete information on the process of shipping discus fish from Hawaii, to gain a thorough understanding of my shipping procedures click here: Shipping Hawaii Discus Fish.

To inquire on the sizes, prices and availability of my discus fish for sale, please contact me by email by clicking the following:Send Email To Waialeale Discus Hatchery. Please feel free to contact me by telephone to inquire on my discus fish for sale. You will find my discus fish prices are very reasonable and I maintain an excellent selection of stock. The phone # is 808-822-0297

Note that Hawaii time is five hours earlier than the central time zone in the US. Mahalo, Rod

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