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Aloha from Waialeale Discus Hatchery

Hawaii Discus Fish Importer

As a Hawaii discus fish importer, please allow me to give you a tour through Waialeale Discus Fish Hatchery and show you each step the newly imported discus fish go through from the time they arrive until they are sold. Waialeale Discus Hatchery is a full time Hawaii discus fish importer and breeder supplying world class top grade designer discus fish strains directly to our discus customers. Upon arrival to Waialeale Discus Hatchery the imported discus fish are placed in the discus fish quarantine station. The discus quarantine station is isolated from the main discus hatchery. We also have separate water processing for the discus residing in the quarantine area.

Photo Image of Discus Fish Importer Facility.

Photo of Waialeale Discus Fish Facility

First the imported discus fish spend a short time acclimating to the discus aquarium water they will reside in. The water in the discus fish aquariums in the quarantine area  closely matches the water conditions the original discus fish breeder raised them in. This allows easy discus fish acclimation with minimal stress on the fish. Every precaution is taken to ensure good health of the imported discus fish. I allow the discus one week to adapt and to regain their strength, vigor and overcome any shyness from their shipping ordeal. Because they were fasted for a time before export, I must not allow the discus fish to gorge themselves during meals immediately after arrival.  During this initial period I gradually increase their dietary intake so that by the end of the week they are eating normally again. I then treat each discus fish for internal and external parasites as a precaution. This process takes two weeks. The fish then undergo an antibiotic bath for a week, targeting both gram negative and gram positive bacteria. The imported discus fish are then observed for another 2 weeks to ensure they are healthy. Next, healthy discus from my hatchery are added to the imported discus tank. These discus would immediately pick up anything the imports would carry. After a period of observation the discus fish are ready to move out of the quarantine station into the main discus fish hatchery. By taking the time and trouble to put all imported discus fish through this procedure, I am able to supply healthy stock that does not have health issues.  I only import discus from one particular discus fish breeder and the fish arrive healthy.

Discus Fish Quarantine Facility

Photo Image of the Discus Quarantine Aquariums.

As a discus fish importer it is important to isolate the imported discus fish from the main hatchery area for a period of time. The quarantine area for the imported discus fish has a series of aquarium stands that hold four 75 gallon discus aquariums. I do not over crowd the discus fish as they reside in the quarantine aquariums. I stock twenty discus that are 3 inches in size in each 75 gallon aquarium. The discus aquarium filtration is provided by air driven sponge filters. The temperature is maintained at 86 to 88 degrees.

Discus Quarantine Facility Water

Water Filtration Equipment For Discus Quarantine Facility Photo Image.

The discus quarantine area has a dedicated sink and a reverse osmosis filter system for making ro water. Because a large amount of water is changed on the newly imported discus fish on a daily basis it is important to closely match the original water the discus were reared in. A large tap water filter is used to ensure impurities are removed from the tap water supply. The imported discus fish arrive expecting large daily water changes and I provide it.

Reverse Osmosis Filter System
RO Water for My Discus Fish

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As a discus fish importer I spend a great deal of time changing water. I have a 500 gallon holding tank for ro water to be used in the main hatchery area. The ro water is heated and aerated to keep it fresh. The ro filter can produce 1,000 gallons of reverse osmosis water per day. The ro water is delivered by a pump to the discus hatchery. The ro water is blended with tap water to produce water that is just right for the discus hatchery. Discus fish breeder pairs are kept in soft, acidic water. The discus fish breeders are given lots of water changes with this water.

Discus Fish Show Tank

Waialeale Discus Show Tank Photo Image.

When the imported discus fish are ready for sales they are placed in show tanks. Discus fish in the show tanks are now acclimated to water conditions similar to the water the discus hobbyists customers will have. The discus fish imports are now accustomed to aquariums with active biological filters. Water changes are reduced to every 2 or 3 days. The volume of water changed is between 50 to 70 percent. The discus fish imports are now eating a varied diet including frozen bloodworms and beef heart based food mix.  At this point the discus fish are available for purchase. These discus aquariums are available for viewing for discus customers wishing to personally select their discus by a visit to buy discus on site.

Discus Fish Shipping Preparation Tank

Hawaii Discus Hatchery Shipping Preparation Aquariums Photo Image.

For complete information on the process of shipping discus fish
from Hawaii please click: Shipping Hawaii Discus Fish.

When ordering Waialeale Discus, as soon as your discus order is placed, I select the discus that were bought and place them in the shipping preparation aquarium. Then two to three days before shipping the discus fish I begin the preparation procedure. Here they receive large water changes. If special water conditions are required we can move the discus into the prep tank several days in advance. This allows us to slowly adapt the discus to the desired water conditions. The discus fish are not fed the day prior to shipping. This prevents ammonia levels from occurring in the shipping bags. We ship our discus fish at a slightly acidic ph with medium hardness unless otherwise requested. This will allow the discus fish to easily adapt to the water conditions of your receiving aquarium.

Waialeale Discus Fish Sales Office

Waialeale Discus Sales Office Photo Image.

The Waialeale Discus Fish Hatchery sales office is where I communicate with my discus customers. Located close to the discus fish aquariums, the sales office makes it convenient for me to attend to the details of running a discus fish hatchery. Scheduling visits, ordering supplies and maintaining inventory are all taken care of in the Waialeale Discus Sales Office. I answer emails promptly and welcome your inquiries into purchasing Waialeale Discus Fish.

To inquire on the sizes, prices and availability of my discus fish for sale, please contact me by email by clicking: Pricing Inquiry by Email. Please feel free to contact me by telephone to discuss my discus fish for sale. You will find my discus fish prices are very reasonable and I maintain an excellent selection of stock. The phone # is 808-822-0297.

Hawaii time is five hours earlier than the central time zone in the US.
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